In this episode, @GeekFurious, @JoaquinSlowly, @johnny_grasso14, @supervillainist, @thisginger_kt, @Thrawnkill, @Trooper_5, and @Meselyn talk about seeing THE FORCE AWAKENS, their reactions to seeing the movie and other exciting things. Then the group discusses their TOP 3 moments in the movie. There are also some interesting discussions and outtakes at the end worth checking out.

RIGHT CLICK HERE & SAVE to download the MP3.


0:00:00 Podcast Starts
0:00:32 Intro
0:09:26 Talking THE FORCE AWAKENS
0:43:35 Top 3 List Intro
0:44:35 Top 3 Characters
1:17:41 Top 3 Scenes
1:55:47 Top 3 Quotes
2:04:19 Top 3 Musical Moments
2:12:08 Top 3 Ships
2:16:14 Goodbyes
2:16:30 OUTTAKES
2:40:13 It all ends here


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