In this episode, @GeekFurious, @JoaquinSlowly, @johnny_grasso14, @supervillainist, @thisginger_kt, @Thrawnkill, @Trooper_5, and @Meselyn talk about a world before THE FORCE AWAKENS and how everyone was introduced to Star Wars; their favorite character; their ranking of the movies; expectations of THE FORCE AWAKENS; and we predict the first day and first weekend box office for the new movie in this epic saga.

RIGHT CLICK HERE & SAVE to download the MP3.


0:00:00 Start
0:00:30 Podcast intro
0:01:52 Crew intro
0:03:34 Describe your introduction to Star Wars
0:17:01 Favorite Star Wars character
0:24:35 List favorite to least favorite of the six movies
0:35:19 Anticipation of THE FORCE AWAKENS before seeing it
0:49:21 TFA box office predictions: first day and opening weekend
0:57:12 End of regular podcast
0:57:21 Outtakes begin
1:08:13 SILENCE!


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