In this episode, Magnus, Jared, & Katie discuss their favorite podcasts & discuss Simon Pegg, fake outrage, and people “flipping the table” about the prequels for too long.
Times & discussions noted below.

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0:00:00 Opening Song

0:00:44 INTRO

0:01:47 Promoting other people’s stuff

0:07:38 Simon Pegg and prequel haters

0:12:08 Flipping the table

0:23:23 Ring theories

0:25:13 Outtakes begin

0:27:32 Outtakes from the past (“listener phone calls”)

0:31:53 Outtakes from the present return

0:35:37 It all ends right here.

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One thought on “Greatest Star Wars Podcast in the World 6 – Flipping the Table

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