In this episode, Magnus, Jared, JOHNNY GRASSO & Julia discuss various topics and tackle some SPOILERS!!!
Times & discussions noted below.

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0:00:41 INTRO

0:02:11 Quick reaction to the Japanese THE FORCE AWAKENS trailer

0:07:23 Daniel Fleetwood

0:09:26 Podcasts we’re listening to & self promotions

0:21:33 Johnny suggests we get naked

0:23:45 Problems ordering tickets for TFA

0:31:13 How many times are we seeing TFA opening weekend?

0:32:38 If TFA is as good or better than the OT, will it further devalue the PT?

0:51:19 John Williams & who can replace him?

0:53:45 Listener E-Mails

1:01:47 SPOILERS!!!!!!!!

1:05:32 Johnny Grasso finally fixes his microphone problem

1:24:20 Predicting the storylines for Episodes 8 & 9

1:37:49 End of Podcast

1:37:56 Outtakes begin!

2:00:52 It all ends right here.

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